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Sake (pronounced /ˈsɑːkiː/ or /ˈsɑːkeɪ/ in English) is a rice-based alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin. Sake is available in a variety of types - depending mainly on the fermentation process, aging, filtering, and polishing. Lola 41 features over 50 sake bottles from across several varieties, explore and find your favorite!





Light, Crisp & Dry

Chokara Extra Dry Rich and dry. A refreshing sake.

Yamadanishiki Light and aromatic.

Chokara Extra Dry (btl) 300 ML Rich and dry. Can be enjoyed with meat as well as rish fish dishes

Shirataki (White Waterfall) (btl) 150 ML Sweet, creamy, chestnut, peach, and melon nose.

Sake Moto Sweet, peach, and melon nose, 720ML

Shoin Distinctive nose filled with apple, cherry & melon essences, 500ML


Aromatic, Floral & Fruity

Hakushika Junmai 300 ML This is a very pretty and aromtic sake with light pear nuances. Clean and bright with a slightly spicy finish. Terrific with all fish.

Yuki No Bosha Limited Release 300 ML Soft and light on the palette with a delightful fruitness and white pepper spice.

Sato No Homare "Ride of the Village" Refreshingly light nose, full of ripe fruit flavors, drinks suprisingly dry, 300ML


Rich & Grounded

Yatsushika Full-bodied but not heavy; Rich & Light, 750ML


Cloudy & Sweet

Crazy Milk, Evoluzione 300MLThis nigori sake is made in drier style so you could enjoy it with savory foods.

Yuzo Omoi Soft acidity and sweetness makes this a great sip to end a meal.


Our Finest Sake

Gekkeikan 'Horin' 300ML Intense and focused,with a clean finish and good complexity.

Osakaya Chobei 300ML Named for the founder of Ozeki sake brewery, this is a powerful yet silky Dai Ginjyo.There is an appealing flavor of dried fruit in the mouth.

Sessttu Otokoyama Purely elegant, finely balanced, velvety smooth texture, very refreshing with suble flavors.

Moriko 500ML Superb sake using Yamadanashiki rice, offering cool aromas and light, delicate sweetness and acidity. Has been polished to 35% of its original size!

Momokawa Marai Familu 720ML Consistent gold medal winner in Japan's new sake competittion. From a prestigious Aomori brewery.



Cocktails | Sake | White Wine | Red Wine

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